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Tower of Hanoi

Creativity, Quick Thinking, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Delegation

Lego Prego

Goal Alignment, Collaboration, Creativity, Team Building, Communication

Picasso Masterpiece

Goal Alignment, Collaboration, Creativity, Team Building, Communication

Watanatum Cultural Challenge

Communication, Motivation, Teamwork, People Management, Planning and Strategy

Cooks and Chefs

Team Building, Resource Management, Project Management, Dedication, Individual Responsibility

Sumo Wrestling

Strengths & Weaknesses, Planning, Team Building, Quick Thinking, Competition Spirit

Cardboard Boat Racing

Communication, Resource Management, Delegation, Planning, Collaboration

Siam WildtraX

Planning, Strategy, Competition, Delegation, Teamwork

Domino Reaction

Collaboration, Project Management, Innovation, Creativity, Leadership

Outdoor Pattaya Beach Fizzy

Quick Thinking, Interaction, Competition, Synchronization, Team Building

Pattaya Market Challenge Activity

Creativity, Negotiation Skills, Teamwork, Communication, Team Management

Raft Building Challenge Bankok

Synchronisation, Quick Thinking, Teamwork, Division of Work, Planning

Bangkok Klong Amazing Race

Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Agility, Planning

Beach Olympics at Sai Kaew Beach

Strategy, Quick Thinking, Competition, Team Building, Communication

Bicycle Building Challenge

Communication, Teamwork, Collaboration, Process Oriented, Division of Work

Tuk-Tuk Amazing Race

Trusting Peers, Adaptability, Teamwork, Getting Work Done, Proactiveness

Wine & Gourmet Casino

Togetherness, Team Building, Team Bonding, Collaboration, Teamwork

Win It In A Minute

People Management, Leadership, Competition, Creativity, Speed


Teamwork, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Team building


Goal Alignment, Collaboration, Creativity, Team Building, Communication

Lego Workshop

Goal Alignment, Collaboration, Creativity, Team Building, Communication

Egg Tart Making Workshop

Attention to Detail, Individual Responsibility, Dedication, Team Building, Creativity

Dragon Boat Race

Synchronization, Competition, Project Management, Teamwork, Leadership

iDiscover Macau

Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, Problem Solving, Time Management

Build Your Own Dragon

Creativity, Team Building, Teamwork, Leadership, Innovation

Born To Race

Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, Division of Work, Project Management

Bikes For Kids- CSR

Competition, Teamwork, Creativity, Motivation, Social Awareness

Beach Olympics

Out of the box thinking, Interaction, Team Work, Synchronization, Team Building

Foot Loose

Ice breaker, Team Building, Motivation, Stress Release, Collaboration

Gigsaw Challenge

Communication, Collaboration, Thinking Long-term, Breaking Silos, Leadership

Sports Olympics

Motivation, Conflict management, Trust, Communication, Team Bonding

Mafia Wars

Strategy, Conflict management, Trust, Communication, Team Bonding

Beat the Trash

Creativity, Team bonding, Thinking Out of the Box, Ownership, Listening skills

Beat Box Challenge

Ice breaker, Team Building, Motivation, Stress Release, Collaboration

Pyramid Building

Resource Management, Collaboration, Decision Making, Leadership Styles, Team Bonding

Raft Building

Strategy, Creativity, Time management, Resource management, Quality


Goal Setting, Supply Chain Management, Leadership, Sense of Ownership, Planning

Roller Coaster

Communication, Change Management, Creativity, Strategy, Trust

Multi Ball Ring

Effective communication, Coordination, Speed, Resource Management, Stress Management

Kontiki Boat Building Challenge

Project management, Resource management, Delivery, Trust, Morale

Spider Web

Cooperation, Communication, Decision making, Leadership, Problem Solving

Key Punch

Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, Time Management, Communication, Goal Setting

Tetris Tower

Coordination, Building strong processes, Effective communication, Resource handling, Team Synchronization

Junkyard Sales

Creativity, Presentation skills, Negotiation skills, Strategy, Goal setting

The Interlocker

Leadership, Effective and cross-team communication, Process improvement, Working towards common goals, Sharing best practice

Jumbo Volleyball

Team collaboration, Communication, Team spirit, Problem-solving skills, Competitive Spirit

Jumbo Cricket

Trust, Coordination, Strategy Making, Improved interdependency's, Team Synchronization

Holey Pipes

Problem solving, Communication, Working towards a common goal, Strategic thinking, Assessing group progress

Tic Tac Toe

Problem solving, Fun and motivation, Decision making, Adaptability to changing circumstances, Tic Tac Toe

F1 Challenge

Resources Management, Strategy, Project Management, Team Building, Quality

Remoto Car Challenge

Collaboration, Resource Management, Problem Solving, Communication, Time Management

Double Dragon

Effective planning, Strategizing, Effective communication, Team collaboration, Double Dragon

Drum Jam Session

Ice breaker, Team Building, Motivation, Stress Release, Collaboration

Fire Walk

Breaking Mindset Barriers, Self Belief, Action or Result Oriented, Breaking Comfort Zone, Boost Morale

Rod Bending

Positive Mindset, Trust, Collaboration, Synchronization, Getting ready for quantum targets, Overcoming FEARS/Taking action in-spite of the FEAR, Self-belief and Belief in the partner

Glass Walk Challenge

Increased confidence, Overcoming Fears, Challenging Limited Beliefs, Willingness, Boost Morale

Race The Picture

Problem Solving, Adaptability, Time management, Focus, Teamwork

Trust Walk

Trust, Communication, Coordination, Problem Solving, Risk Taking

Water Volleyball

Competitive Spirit, Strategic thinking, Adaptability to changing circumstances, Communication, Team collaboration


Quality, Creativity, Motivation, Project Management, Collaboration

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More than 96537+ employees across the globe love the fun experience of our activities

Sarika Malhotra Anand
The energy and enthusiasm the team brings is phenomenal, the activities are designed to be all-inclusive and keeping the core essence of team work and coordination. We have worked with them for two years now and would highly recommend, these guys are a fantastic team “the best people doing the job”  :)
Arthy Sankaran
We did the around the world in 60 minutes and it was lots of fun. While the focus was on cracking the puzzle but it was also good fun to work as a team and learn facts about the new places
Claudio Russo
The team is super energetic and their activities are extremely enjoyable! Highly recommended :)
Meaghan Shanahan
Had a great team event with Trebound doing a murder mystery with team members Zooming in from 6+ countries and cities around the world. Very well thought out, great visuals that allowed our team to dig into various aspects of the case and suspects, and good structure to the session for breakouts, etc. Would definitely recommend.
Julianne Bell
Great and fun time had by all! Very engaging facilitators, and a great way for our team to bond and solve puzzles together -- look forward to the next one!
Shivam Jha
We have had 3 sessions with Trebound, they have always come up with unique team engagement activities, which are so fun also. Love having them, hope they keep creating new activities.
Matthew Visone
Great for a team event. Very fun and interactive
Yashita Arora
When it comes to Virtual Team Engagement, I think Trebound has done a fabulous job to make our event a grand success. The inhibitions we had were quickly resolved and the sessions we had before actually going live, took care of all the queries and gave us the confidence that we can make our "PMI Bangalore Chapter Voluntary Meet 2020" event a new experience in this new normal.
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