Corporate Team Outing Near Bangalore

The experiential learning at the campsite will help teams to discover their inner potential as leaders and individuals. To increase motivation and productivity, and to beat workplace stress, is definitely an overnight corporate team outing. Let us share a few insights here.

Places For Overnight Team Outing Near Bangalore

1. Team outing at Clarks Exotica, Airport Road, Bangalore

Trebound arranges fun team activities in Clarks Exotica, Airport Road, Bangalore and aid to improve in decision making, problem-solving skills in your team. It is time to strengthen team bonding.
2. Team outing at Elim Resort, Kanakapura Road

A fun team outing with Trebound in Elim Resort, Kanakapura Road is a wondrous escape into calm and serene environs. It is an upbeat destination sure to rejuvenate the city-slickers in your team.
3. Team outing at Golden palms Resort, Tumkur road, Bangalore

Trebound organises corporate team outings in Golden Palms Resort in Tumkur Road, Bangalore. The right venue with intimate environs, exquisite architecture and charming landscape to spend fun time with your team.
4. Team outing at Windflower Prakruthi, Bangalore

The well-manicured setting of the Windflower Prakruthi Bangalore is best suited for a refreshing and fun team outing. Trebound ensures that their client enjoys every minute with a vast and multitude of activities.
5. Team outing at Angsana Oasis Spa And Resort, Rajankunte

Trebound organizes your getaway at Angsana Oasis Spa And Resort, Rajanukunte, with amazing fun corporate team building activities. Keep your team well connected and build numerous skills.
6. Team outing at Camp Shristi, Bangalore

Want to stimulate a high level of concentration and inculcate the importance of strategic planning while having fun? Trebound has got you covered at Camp Shristi, Bangalore for a corporate team outing.
7. Team outing at Eagleton The Golf Resort, Bangalore

Are you Looking for conducting activities to bond your team together and celebrate collaboration? Trebound can arrange a corporate team outing at Eagleton - The Golf Village, Bidadi near Bangalore.
8. Team outing at Palm Meadows Club, Bangalore

Join hands with Trebound and arrange an exciting and effective team outing in Palm Meadows Club, Bangalore. Indulge in relaxation and luxury and return energized to face challenges at the workplace.
9. Team outing at Royal Orchid Resort, Bangalore

Royal orchid resort is spread over 8 acres of lush green meadows that are piquantly inviting and Treebound always ensures an authentic and unforgettable life-changing experience for your corporate team outings.
10. Team outing at Signature Club Resort, Bangalore

Are you looking at cultivating time & resource management skills in your team? Trebound can organize a corporate team outing at Signature Club Resort at Devanahalli as a company-wide retreat and help build skills.
11. Team outing at Prestige Golfshire Club, Bangalore

Prestige Golfshire Resort in Bangalore has a perfect combination of self-indulgent features and impeccable service. Trebound brings in ultra-luxurious experience to your team during corporate offsite.

Camping Near Bangalore:

Camp Srishti and its quiet environment make it a great place to de-stress from routine. The perfect retreat to treat your mind, body, and soul. Life is made of moments and you will find yours here. Richmond Retreat is designed to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience! The picture-perfect setting for teams to rejuvenate by indulging in a quiet walk around to experience mind-blowing games like broken glass walk.

Galibore Nature Camp is where your teams will get a personal touch. From service to the food, stay and fun games, the enjoyment is unrestricted here. An oasis from the city centre to spend the night after a day of adventure too. The urban valley is the place you should choose if you are looking for a day's rest at a charming and fantastic property. There are facilities available here to play indoor as well as outdoor team building activities which will be perfect for your overnight team outing near Bangalore.

How about building risk-taking abilities and make your teams break the barriers

There are special, adventurous and unique activities make the overnight corporate team outing in lovely resorts like Windflower resort or Guhantara Resort. Firewalk is one such activity where your team is made walking on the fire. Yes, Trebound teams create a safe foundation on which the walking bed is prepared using coal. When the light is ignited, the employees are made to walk on the fire. The only need for this activity is the open space which is available in plenty in many resorts in Bangalore.

If you are looking for an indoor activity which induces similar risk-taking ability like Firewalk, the team recommends the daring team building game ‘Rod Bending.’ Yes, one of the most popular activities where the Trebound team has conducted for more than 2 lac professionals so far. The best part of this high effectivity team game is the flexibility to do it indoor as well as outdoor. If you need to plan an overnight event during off-seasons or monsoon period, this game is the best option. Based on the number of teams, you need to choose one of the best resorts or hotels.

Clarks Exotica, Bangalore is designed to pamper you in every way. The facilities, service and the ambience at this resort will turn into a memorable and richly rewarding experience for your team. Your teams can enjoy a gracious stay and satisfy a spectrum of interests. An ideal place for a group where one can unwind with nature and also recharge their grey cells with a long list of activities.

If the team senses are looking for a change, the overnight team outing near Bangalore is ideal to balance the business and pleasure in a convenient environment. The resorts offer a different arena to conduct many corporate team activities.

These are a few most chosen resorts by the Corporates' for their team outing. If you are confused about choosing the right resort for your team outing, click here, our Corporate Sales Team will help you. 

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.