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The team bonding exercises – from roller coaster to jumbo volleyball, from treasure hunt to key punch – are the fun way of getting to know each other better, taking out all the hidden capabilities, identifying the skill gaps and bringing in the paradigm shift in the thought processes. The corporate team outbound has always proven its importance in bringing the team together, enhancing and encouraging trust, building communication and collaborative skills. A perfect gateway where the team enjoys and indulges in fun activities together which the learning's last longer than a regular classroom session or seminar environment.

The corporates in Bangalore are fortunate to have beautiful and rustic surroundings within the city limit or at a shorter distance. Be it an adventurous team or a peace-loving group, the resorts around Bangalore fulfil the requirements with numerous options and various offerings. Some venues are by default surrounded by natural rudiments like hills and water-bodies while some others offer peace & tranquility away from traffic and the hustle-bustle of the city. Go trekking, make a splash or just enjoy relaxing strolls, everything is on offer.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

When one thinks about various team building games and activities, team Trebound has treasures to offer. The facilitators of Trebound understand the requirements of the companies and provide focused services suggesting and conducting the right activities and team games which help to make the corporate team bonding event a true success!

The Actuator at the Golden Palms Resort

One of the most powerful team building activities, ‘The Actuator’, requires the team members to perform a relatively simple job through a series of complex transitions. One of the key team building activities where building a structure helps in inculcating numerous skills. The participants will be given supplies and then be asked to create a machine of energy conversions. This high-energy activity is suitable for your team and they stick together to achieve the common goal. To get the best results, the team members need to communicate effectively, collaborate with each other and unite to achieve the ultimate goal. It gives an opportunity to think out of the box, enhances creativity and resource management skills. People learn to be leaders keeping the team together from initiation till the final execution. Golden Palms Resort in Bangalore offers the best space and, at the end, they create a magic that boosts team morale.

Jumbo Volleyball at the Mango Mist

A larger than life experience! Mango mist in Bangalore is the place your team must go and play fun team bonding game. ‘Jumbo Volleyball’ is riddled with fun and excitement where the teams have to maneuver a ball with a diameter that is almost double the size of an average human. Considering the size of the ball, the activity will require four teams playing at the same time. Every member has to be positioned appropriately and put in all his/her might to steer the ball in the air and pass it on to the opposite team. While providing perfect fun, the activity helps to increase trust, coordination and strategic planning.

Junkyard Sales at Palm Meadows

While seeing an entrepreneur talking passionately about their product, don’t we all get inspired to sell something of our own, that’s close to our heart? Provide your employees an opportunity to ‘sell’ as a part of ‘junkyard sales.’ Teams will be required to build a creative product from junk, and will also be tasked with selling the same to the ‘investors’. Assorted items are provided by Trebound and the teams get the basic stationeries to build. Each team starts with similar items and set up shop for some unique pieces of Junk. Teams are allotted a set time to build and prepare the sales pitch. ‘Palm Meadows’ in Bangalore, that too, within the city, near IT hub, is the perfect destination to help improve the creativity, negotiation capability and communication skills. The activity also helps to improve on problem-solving and escalation management.

Key Punch in Olde Bangalore

Olde Bangalore is where you will see the perfect amalgamation of contemporary amenities yet a classic feel. The ‘Key Punch’, an intense and high energy activity, entails the teams to collect the keys in a specific numerological order as fast as they can. If any rule is flouted, the entire team faces a penalty. In this activity, the participants are divided into teams. Each team will be given five attempts and a 30-minute time frame to touch the numerical spots at the fastest pace possible. Only one member is permitted to be in the game parameter at a given point of time. This activity nudges the employees to bring out their best and work at an optimal level under pressure. It is designed for to adapt to changing situations, set goals and communicate clearly.

Roller Coaster in Golden Amoon

Nurturing team collaboration, Roller Coaster is an exciting activity where members have to build an entire roller coaster from scratch with the materials provided to them. Also, one of the best team building activities for indulging strategic planning skill in your team. The Trebound facilitator will make teams and allocate a working space to each of them in the beautiful area available in Golden Amoon Resort. They will be provided with supplies such as rubber bands, PVC, balloons, bamboo stakes, etc. and briefed on the design requirements for building the roller coaster. The participants also have the option of hiring the raw materials to build the structure where the ball runs along the track solely with the help of gravity. The activity has proven great results for time and resources management, enhancing creativity and effective teamwork through improved communication.

The Interlocker game at RDs Nature Retreat

Call it our magic wand, ‘The Interlocker’ activity is the most powerful tool, proven amazing results while playing in RDs Nature Retreat. In this activity, the members are divided into teams and given 15 interlocking planks. With the help of the blueprint, they have to come up with a clear-cut strategy and put it into action in order to fetch the desired results. It is perfect for building effective cross team communication and leadership skills.

Tic Tac Toe at the Royal Orchid, Yelahanka

Highly charged and a bundle of fun, this Tic Tac Toe activity is a bigger version of the popular zero and cross game played during school days! The same rules of the traditional tic tac toe game apply here. The only difference is that every move to be played by a different member. One wrong decision, that’s it. The entire team loses. Royal Orchid Resort in Yelahanka provides the right space, the activity improves the adaptability to changing circumstances and in making informed decisions.

Spider Web at the Discovery Village, Kanakapura Road

Encouraging team cooperation, communication, and leadership skills can happen in the Discovery Village located at Kanakapura Road through the fun team bonding activity ‘Spider Web’. This team game requires the members to pass through a complex spider's web like structure, but, without touching it. This activity stimulates a high level of concentration and unfolds the importance of strategic planning & execution. The members will also learn the significance of responsibility and accountability for achieving the personal and the organizational growth.

Treasure Hunt in Guhantara Resort, Bangalore

The architecture in Guhantara Resort makes it the perfect destination to play Treasure Hunt adventure team game that involves a map based puzzle. The object to find is the treasure chest equaling target turnover or deadline. Each sub-team's goal is to accomplish their part of the puzzle. When the efforts are combined, these add up to achieve the goal. The action, excitement and fun part in cave exploration and this game sure brings all together. The individual efforts are recognized while the goal is achieved in parallel. Since everyone is the contributor, everyone feels ‘included’ and owns the success.

Double Dragon at the Windflower Prakruthi Resort

A great team building activity which encourages collaboration and healthy competitiveness, Double Dragon entails the team effort. The Windflower Prakruthi Resort offers the best space to play this game where each team competes to cross checkpoints to reach the end point. One of the team members will be blindfolded and with the help and guidance of others, be transported between a hula hoop. The added challenge is that that blindfolded person also needs to balance a beach ball on his/her feet along the way. The Trebound facilitator will challenge the teams to race against each other to cross checkpoints and reach the finish line. While teaching risk taking and strategic thinking, the activity increases team collaboration, planning, and communication abilities.

“A team that plays together, stays together!”

Team Trebound not only helps in conducting activities but also helps to book resorts and various perfect venues in and around Bangalore. The perfect opportunity to make your efforts hassle-free. Allow your team to indulge in fun team bonding activities which will result in building numerous skills and enhancing the overall productivity. Encourage them to de-stress, relax and bond together. The enjoyment and learning's in these team outing events sure get carried to the workplace and elevate the work environment!

Corporate Team Building Activities


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