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The statement by Lee Iacocca, who is best known for the revival of Chrysler Corporation away from bankruptcy, summarizes the power of teamwork and qualities of a great leader. He says,"I have always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team." A great team led by a great leader create a mutually win-win situation for the success of the organization and the team environment as they bring out the best from each other.

Corporate Team Building Activities

Some are energized by work; Some need to be energized to work

The globalized business scenario makes teams working 40 hours a week, about 50 weeks a year which is nearly 2,000 hours a year. The job occupies so much of our waking life that we need to be energized to give out the best. Be it an entry-level role or a leading role or the management roles, every one of us needs to work as a team to achieve a common goal. One has to be motivated to guide, lead and keep up the morale of the team. Such leaders need to take the teams through the fun based journey and build the competent ones.

"Remember: upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all."

Building a cohesive winning team requires efforts in the right direction. First, connect the team to a common goal of the organization and then connect all of them to each other. The important question here is how to connect and bond the teammates together? The corporate Team building activities help to build mutual trust and harmony in the team. To break free from the mundane work, corporate team outbound is the best gateway.

Interdependence rather than independence of dependence

Interdependence is the mutual reliance between two or more groups. The teams have to be interdependent for an organizational growth and also for business development. The strongly interconnected teams help achieve the set business goals. To bring in synergy, focus, and cohesiveness, the ‘developmental’ team building process is essential. Lee Iacocca in another statement says, "A major reason for the capable people fail to advance is that they do not work well with their colleagues." This emphasizes the importance of working together. While there may be talents available, success is guaranteed only if people work well with each other.

Team building can be achieved through various types of exciting activities. If you are looking for building team synchronization, Trebound has numerous activities planned to inculcate various skills in combinations. For example, “Trust Walk” is one game through which you can build numerous capabilities like ‘building trust among teams’, ‘problem-solving’, ‘following instruction’, ‘leadership ability’, etc.,

"You don't win with the best talent - you win with the players who are able to play well together."

The learning styles different from person to person. Among various styles, the ‘experiential learning’ is proven to be very effective. This is, in fact, the basis of corporate team events that help members to recognize ways in which they can contribute to the organizational accomplishments. Certain zones while playing lead to identifying new leaders, build communications better and totally stress-free as these games are done in a pleasurable way.

Why is Bangalore the best place to have one-day outings?

A right venue will give the right space and set the momentum to carry out various tasks efficiently. Trebound can help understanding the event requirement, team size, team culture and suggest a venue just right for the crowd for a one-day team outing. Bangalore being a Garden City, boasts of sprawling lawns and lush green gardens and is considered home for the best luxury resorts, especially for its facilities and services. These resorts have versatile meeting spaces, a combination of outdoor arena and indoor banquet or meeting halls that can be used well for your next corporate team outings.

Bangalore is one place that offers unique yet exciting space to have one-day outings. For adventure lovers, the resorts in the city offer hiking, biking, cycling, and similar adrenaline rushing activities. For family-based one-day outings, the places like Bannerghatta Zoo, Botanical garden and other tourist spots are within the reachable distance from various resorts here.

Like a carpenter, one has to choose the right tool. Trebound comes with 20 years of combined industry experience in building strategic, customized, and insight-driven corporate team outing and training solutions. Trebound has exclusive locations where various dynamism boosting activities can be organised. The activities are chosen based on the specific requirements of the corporate clients. When the experienced facilitator from Trebound conducts the whole event, the clients can reap multiple times than the expected ROI. The result will be clearly seen once the team gets back to their desks.

Shilaandara Resort, Ramanagara:

Shilhaandara Resort Pool Pictures & Reviews - Tripadvisor

Surrounded by opulent shades of greenery, Shilaandara Resort which is situated at the foothills of Ramanagara rocks offers you an impeccably comforting experience. The comforts comprise of a huge swimming pool, a lot of indoor and outdoor games, restaurant and a lounge bar. The countrified environs make it perfect for calming down amidst nature. Trebound can help plan a wonderful, fun-filled team outing here and so that the team is completely recharged and revitalised. The energizing games available in this resort include South India’s longest sky zipping, and trekking in Ramanagara hills.

Signature Club Resort:

SIGNATURE CLUB RESORT (Bengaluru) - Hotel Reviews, Photos, Rate Comparison  - Tripadvisor

The serene atmosphere right within the city limit, but amazingly calm and beautiful, the Signature resort is sure to surprise you. Easily accessible for outsiders as it is located very near to Bangalore’s Devanahalli airport. Snuggled in 130 acres nifty community, along with a multi-cuisine restaurant, a cafe, and a bar, the venue has extensive luxurious green sceneries to conduct exciting team activities. Apart from engaging your team in activities, you can also quickly plan a visit to Devanahalli Fort or Skandgiri Betta. If you want to have a different and unique experience, take your team to Grover Wine tour which is close-by to this resort.

Golden Amoon Resort, Hoskote:

Golden Amoon Resort | Bangalore 2020 UPDATED DEALS ₹5304, HD Photos &  Reviews

A class apart luxury and sophistication is what Golden Amoon resort has in offer. The best corporate one-day team outing places in Bangalore that cater to the needs of diverse groups is the key here. This Egyptian themed retreat is equipped with all up to date facilities where you can satisfy the large groups and improve the relationship through entertaining activities. Located right on the NH75, Kolar Highway, a very convenient venue to reach, this place tops the list, especially for the richness and luxury the guests get to enjoy here. The special facility is a discotheque rightly named as ‘cave’ because of the shape and the interiors done here. Plan a trip to Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh, and other tourist attractions of the city if you are planning the team outing along with families.

Clarks Exotica, Airport Road:

‘Grandeur’ is the term that comes to mind the minute you step into Clarks Exotica at Bangalore Airport Road. Be it a small group of 15 or a large one with 6000 members, this venue has 9 different accommodative options to engage teams during one day outing. The central hall of 25,000 sqft and a dining area of 10,000 sqft give a spectacular time to your teams. The perfect place to have various functional teams, clients, and employees from other branches. They also have a huge swimming pool with water slides, offer indoor games like squash, TT, badminton, billiards and outdoor sports activities like cricket, football & basketball. Your team can be engaged in several customised games and activities to build a lot of abilities.

Goldfinch Resort, Airport Road:

Goldfinch Retreat Bangalore, Devanahalli-Bangalore – Updated 2022 Prices

Goldfinch resort, located in the Airport Road is the biggest relief to avoid travel and traffic chaos if you want to bring the employees from other branches. You set the goal or get help from Trebound teams to define goals, organise team outing and relish the hassle-free experience in this resort. They offer water polo, cricket, board games where your teams can warm up before engaging in more amusing team building activities. Choose the best one from the list of numerous well thought out games designed by Trebound mapping with your team goals. It is time to reap the benefits completely.

“There will be breakouts…. There will be crossfires…...There will be misses……But with team work, there are no limits”

This is what one gets to realize after accomplishing one day outing in Bangalore. Motivating teams by allowing them to relax from mundane routine, daily stresses, milestone pressure, target issues and engaging in calming situations is highly essential. Such stress-free mind will be able to think clearly, make informed decisions and solve problems with an ease which result in higher productivity and enhanced personal growth. The personal growth of each employee will contribute to cumulate growth of the organisation. The growth cycle continues seamlessly and ultimately provides happier workspace and leads to the economic growth of the country and so the globe. Trebound is the best partner to indulge such trust and capabilities among your teams and take your organisation to a growth path.

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