Creative Team Building: Entertaining Activities for Employees

Here are five interesting activities or fun team games that your employees will thoroughly enjoy and will leave them asking for more.

                                                               Team building activities need to be enjoyable for your employees to keenly participate in them.  Most often it has been found that employees shy away from being part of such activities and find reasons not to be part of such events on one pretext or the other. That should not be the case as the entire purpose behind organizing these events falls flat. Here are five interesting activities or fun team games that your employees will thoroughly enjoy and will leave them asking for more. 

Indoor Team Building Activities

1. Drum Jam Session

A through and through indoor activity, this provides for unusual corporate team experience where each team member is encouraged to come out of their comfort zone and discard their inhibitions to embrace music freely. The activity uses Djembe instruments that are percussion drums used by natives of West Africa. Each participant is handed over a drum which he/she needs to beat with their hands. Accompanied by drummers and musicians who perform on the stage, participants need to keep beating the drums synchronised with the rhythm of the troupe. While initially, the participants may be reluctant and not quite into the show, with each matching beat their energy levels will soar and towards the end of the event, most participants will participate with heightened levels of passion and interest in the activity.

There can be nothing more enjoyable and fun than group music. The rhythmic beat of this instrument will act like the perfect stress buster and the ideal ice breaker. Also, when each participant strives to match with the rhythm it will lead to a collaborated, synchronized, motivated and a great team building event.

2. Gigsaw challenge

An activity that promises to challenge the mental faculties of participants at corporate team outings, this game of Gigsaw proves to be entertaining and interesting while teaching teams to work together. Each team is handed over a canvas and some pieces of puzzle using which they need to create some innovative idea or theme that could be aligned with their organizational culture or could be an abstract thing. Once the teams are done with their creations, the individual team outputs are combined to make the gigantic Gigsaw. So it is not only a team activity at a micro level but also at a macro level which encourages teams to put their best foot forward.

So, while at a team level, members are expected to collaborate and work together to make unique pieces, they also need to communicate between intra-teams and use their foresight so that the final Gigsaw turns out to be a meaningful masterpiece.

Outdoor Team Building Activities

1. Jumbo Cricket

Whether one loves cricket or not, this is one activity that is surely going to be characterized by high energy levels from participants as well as supporters. Playing the game that our nation loves and worships, jumbo cricket involves handling a bat that is about 10ft wide and is 50 kilos in weight. The ball is equally heavy and large. The game can be played between two teams – the size of the team can be anywhere between 8 to 20 or more members. The bat needs to be held by several participants and the challenge is to manoeuvre the bat together to strike the ball. The enormous ball must be pitched at the batsmen by the bowlers and catching or fielding the ball after being hit is not an easy task either. All in all, a team game, the team that makes the most runs is the one that is the winner at the end.

This is one of those team building activities that aim at making people work in a synchronized and coordinated manner. Since it’s a sport that almost everyone loves, it surely is going to be a thoroughly enjoyable exercise for employees. The other key learnings are strategizing to win, trusting one another, and to bond internally well so that each member can depend on the other for improved performance.

2. Race the Picture

This is a regular treasure hunt game with a difference. Teams are formed and handed over clues in the form of mind-boggling riddles and puzzles, anagrams and codes that they need to unearth and need to un-code to carry on further into the game. The difference here from conventional treasure hunts is that every step there are additional activities that are uncovered by team members which they need to perform to be able to get brownie points or additional items that will help them in the final stages of the game.

It may sound run-off-the-mill, but it is not. There are elements of surprise at every step that keeps teams hooked onto the game, also making it more entertaining and interesting. Some key learning from this employee engagement program is – managing time and working as a team, using smart problem-solving methods, adapting to changing demands of the game and maintaining focus always.

3. Water Volleyball

There could be nothing better than a sporting activity for a perfect corporate team offsite event. The game of volleyball is interesting and fun not only because it requires physical strength and presence of mind but also because it brings back those nostalgic days of childhood when life was so simple and easy. The water volleyball exercise goes a notch higher to make things more exciting because it involves playing volleyball with balloons that are filled with water. The game is played between 4 to 5 teams whereas a team the players need to maneuver the balloon to another side of the net. The objective is not to miss the balloon because that will result in the balloon coming crashing down on them, drenching them in the process.

While it strengthens the basic team spirit in the members, it also encourages members to communicate well, adapt to changing scenarios, think strategically, collaborate as a team and most of all play the game in the true sportsman and competitive spirit.

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