Cook-It Up

“A Recipe has no Soul You As a Chef, Brings Soul to the Recipe” – Thomas Keller

Being a Chef is a fascinating task. One should always be in an Agile mode, take up new challenges, try out new recipes, gear up teams through appropriate motivation & training, keenly monitor the progress and manage the business growth too. Yes, they must be able to manage the low-end to high-end jobs to achieve a successful career.

If each employee acquires the critical qualities of a Chef, the individual and company growth goes unimaginably. Trebound’s Cook-It Up Cooking Challenge is one of the most preferred corporate team building activities among their clients.

The employees are given recipes to cook; the giggles and gasps are a real pleasure to watch!

Build a Creative, Innovative and Inspirational Team

We are in an Artificial Intelligence era, and the teams are expected to be in highly innovative and creative mode to build new ideas. With this corporate cooking challenge, the teams are geared to bring out the creativity, create an ability to work under strict timelines, learn to focus on quality delivery without compromising on deadlines, develop a capability to manage time and gain many other skills while having fun.

The best time for the management to observe the strengths of each team member which can be used later at the workplace. Moreover, the individuals can also assess their strengths, weaknesses, and gaps, further get into activities that can help to bridge the gaps.

Improve Individual and Team Productivity

Any Chef’s success is solely depending on the individual performance of his/her team. The productivity of a single person in a team will create a significant difference in the overall efficiency. The same principle can be applied here as well. The vision is shared first, and followed by planning, allocating the tasks, seamless communication, checking on & helping each other, monitoring the progress & quality, and finally delivering the end product.

We must remember the high time pressure under which the teams work while undertaking the challenge. ‘Agile’ is the word here. The employees at any level are expected to complete the task on-time without compromising the quality. Yes, this challenge will help to assess and induce the most sorted ‘Agility’ in teams.

Cook to Improve Communicate & Collaborate

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place” – George Bernard Shaw

Yes, the right communication strategy is critical to an organization’s success.

The best part with this corporate cooking activity is the dependency on appropriate communication and collaboration. Without these two skills & planning, the teams cannot even start the challenge. The best team building game for corporates to build cross-functional collaboration skill among various teams. The conflicts will occur as in the real work scenario, but the teams will learn to beautifully solve the issues by communicating very well among themselves. Moreover, the teams use this as an opportunity to interact freely with the leaders and open up more.

This cooking challenge leaves no space for assumptions and illusions by showing in results. Teams understand the importance of transparency in communication which can lead to greater success. The best team outbound game to shoo away the shyness in employees and bring them out of their comfort zone.

Create Leaders Who Share the Vision and Manage teams well

The high tolerance for ambiguity is one stimulus behind risk-taking ability that many leaders exhibit. Many employees have expressed identifying such leaders in them during Cook-It Up Cooking challenge. This corporate team bonding activity brings in a lot of surprise elements. Yes, one may not even have cooked in their lives before, but the fun environment automatically pulls the leader out, they end up creating a tasty product.

This challenge is mainly preferred during corporate offsite where the leadership teams are involved as well. The key leadership qualities such as building Trust by sharing the common vision, recognizing the strengths & allocating tasks, and identifying the weakness & training them appropriately are classified during this activity.

Induct New Employees beautifully

Many times, the new employees in the organizations meet the other teams during casual lunch or other breaks. Such occasional times are the best period to get to know each other better. However, there are times the new employees feel lonely, the reason could be their shy personality or not having common ground to break the ice. In such scenarios, ‘Cook-It-Up Cooking Challenge’ can be the best Icebreaker as well as the tool to induct your employees smoothly into the system.

By making the ‘beginning’ colourful, one can also build the employee base that is loyal. Such team bonding activities also build a brand for the organization which in turn helps majorly in achieving overall business success.


30-45 Mins

Activity Time

10 - 250

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level

Outdoor / Indoor

Preferred Setting

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