Holey Pipes

Activity insights:

A fun-filled activity, Holey pipes nurtures team collaboration where members have to work against time and with limited water to fish out a ball from a pipe pierced with a specific number of holes.

How it is done:

Each team will be presented with a bucket of water, cups and a pipe ridden with a certain amount of holes. At the bottom of the pipe lies a ball that needs to be scouted out with the help of water. The challenge is that the cups and water are limited and easily spills through the holes. Through innovative thinking and team effort, the members have to ensure that their team is first in getting out the ball.


  1. Group Size: 80 to 100
  2. Activity Time: 20 to 30 minutes
  3. Preferred Setting: Outdoor
  4. Neuron Activity Level: Medium

Activity Target:

This activity is aimed at employees to think beyond individual interests or discomforts and collaborate as a team to come up with favourable results. It fosters problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. Members also have to learn to make the most out of the limited resources at hand.

Key Takeaways:

Problem solving

There are several issues such as limited water and leaky pipes that need to be worked around in this activity. This urges the participants to come up with quick problem-solving solutions while on the go. It imbibes a sense of confidence in them to work against odds. This learning gets carried on in the office space as well.


This activity requires the participation of all and further reiterates that no project can be conducted without communication from all the members. It is the key to understand the progress at every level and come out with successful results.

Working towards a common goal

In this activity, the members have no option but to stick together and work towards a common goal. It pushes them to think as a team, let go of their differences and personal discomforts for the sake of the bigger picture. By the end of it, they understand the importance of thinking as a unit and putting the team’s interest before their own.

Strategic thinking

Due to the complexity of this activity, it cannot be conducted successfully without strategic thinking. It urges members to think, come up with a proper plan and adapt to the circumstances while racing against each other.

Assessing group progress

There has to be a thorough assessment of each member’s as well as the group’s role as a whole at regular intervals. As per the progress, key decisions have to be made on the spur of the moment.


20-30 Mins

Activity Time

80 - 100

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

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