Trust Walk

Activity insights:

Nurturing trust within members, the Trust Walk is an effective team building activity. Here, a leader guides his blindfolded partner through obstacles primarily with the help of verbal cues.

How it is done:

There will be two Trebound facilitators present to ensure a safe environment. In this activity, the members are asked to be teamed up in pairs, out of which, one will be the guide and the second will be blindfolded. When everybody is settled, the blindfolded partner is slowly spun a few times to confuse him/her with the direction. The guide has to direct his team member through the obstacles without touching, rather using effective verbal communication.


  1. Group Size: 10 – 100
  2. Activity Time: 1-2 hours
  3. Preferred Setting: Outdoor
  4. Neuron Activity Level: High

Activity Target:

Though seemingly simple, this activity is extremely powerful in making employees understand the importance of leading and following in cohesion. It inculcates the value of trust and communication.

Key Takeaways:


The basis of this activity is learning to trust your team members. Only when you do so, can you pay heed to the direction given and move accordingly. It showcases how trust is vital to function at the optimal level and get any task completed.


In this activity, it is critical that the participants communicate effectively and in a manner that their team member understands. As managers and supervisors, we need to be able to communicate coherently in order to get the point across to the recipient. It should be about how others hear what we are saying and not how we perceive they hear it.


For this activity to be carried out effectively, both the members have to be well coordinated. Any error can lead to an unfavourable situation. This learning will be carried out at the workplace as well, where participants understand the importance of role coordination in successfully executing a project.

Problem Solving

Being quick on the feet and solving problems along the way leads to a seamless execution of the task at hand, even if there are road bumps along the way. This activity will enable participants to be confident despite issues that arise, where they come up with strategic solutions to the problem at hand, ultimately leading to better performance.

Risk Taking

This activity encourages risk-taking, giving the members the courage to go ahead with the task at hand without questioning and working with a positive mindset in spite of the given circumstances. It also promotes risk taking at the office, where participants do not shy away from working on a certain project because of the risks involved.

Continuous Improvement

For any organisation to move forward and grow, there has to be a consistent desire for improvement. This activity pushes the participants on a path of continuous improvement where they improvise along the way to yield the best results.


1 - 2 Hour

Activity Time

10 - 100

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

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